The company TITBIT, s.r.o. was established at the end of 2000 as the first supplier of fresh herbs in pots to the Czech and Slovak markets.

Today we offer full range of fruits and vegetables with specialization on herbs, exotics, fresh spices, special kinds of vegetables and BIO. We ripen avocados, mangos. kiwi and other kinds of fruits. We have food production facility for washed, cut and packed fruits and vegetables

We supply to hypermarket chains and wholesalers, as well as to gastro segment. Flexibility is our priority, we supply from one cartoon to truck. We educate end customers in new types of fruit and vegetables and to recognize quality products. Our aim is constant grow based on perfect knowledge of our products and suppliers.

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Titbit RTE

climacteric ripening chambers

No ethylene gas. We use methodology based on natural fruit development.

The key feature of climacteric ripening room is that conditioned air is forced through the product rather than the product just being stored in a temperature-controlled room. The airflow within the ripening rooms is to be designed to penetrate all boxes of fruit with an even airflow throughout the room resulting in all fruit being ripened uniformly. Our methodology (climacteric) is based on natural fruit development instead of adding artificial ethylene gas. It gives to the product better taste and quality.

Titbit Exotic Fruits

exotic fruits

We supply nearly all kinds of exotic fruits

  • among our strongest products belongs avocado, mango, kiwi, pomelo, ginger, pomegranates, papaya, figs, physalis etc.
  • we also specialize in less known exotic fruits like jackfruit, green papaya, nam dok mai, longan, salak, mangosteen etc.
  • with our suppliers we work on regular deliveries, smaller quantities so all products are fresh
  • special part of exotic fruit is Ready-to-Eat line (avocado, mango, kiwi, papaya and stone fruits from South hemisphere)
  • organic range of exotic fruits

herbs in pots & fresh cut herbs

More than 20 kinds of herbs in pots, outdoor herbs and organic potted herbs

  • we guarantee high quality due to best available technologies flexibility in packaging: different diameters of pots, private packaging
  • one type of herb or mix types of herbs in a box
  • more than 25 kinds of fresh cut herbs
  • high quality and freshness due to frequent direct flight deliveries to Prague
  • our herbs come from Israel, Germany, Italy, Czech, Kenya, Morocco, Spain etc.
  • flexibility in packaging: plastic box, flow pack, resealable packaging, paper box, etc.
  • we offer special herb mixes like mojito pack, Italian mix, BBQ mix, Fish mix, Fresh tea mix, etc.

Vegetable, chili & fresh spice

We supply exotic vegetable and wide range of chilli peppers

  • our strongest products are chillies, other fresh spices like ginger, turmeric, asparagus green and white, all types of beans and peas, lettuces, etc.
  • we also supply baby and midi vegetables where we offer a wide range from our main cooperative farm in Kenya and RSA
  • organic range of vegetable

Ready to eat salads, meals, bake & cook goods

  • in 2009 we successfully started to produce ready to eat vegetables and fruit salads for what we established separate factory and now this is run under our business partner
  • in 2018 we successfully started to produce goods from our No Waste program that includes chutneys, marmalade, jams and pickled vegetables etc.
  • in 2019 we successfully started a production of ready to cook and ready to bake mixtures for easy cooking for a trendy healthy and tasteful lifestyle

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